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About Us

company profile:

Kozhtech was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2009. From the small OEM factory in the beginning to the ODM factory today, we have gained the trust of many years of partners and benefited from it. We offer a variety of cooperation methods such as limit price, underwriting, and regional sales protection to protect the interests of our partners.

Our service:
Relying on Shenzhen's complete electronic product industry chain, we provides a variety of customized services and fast response speed.

Our products:
All raw materials need to be QC special inspection and inspection. Each process of product production has been manually verified, and the product can be packed after full inspection. Each product has a dedicated QC staff. We use a traceable system to provide the quality of our products.

Our employees:
We provide our employees with a comprehensive living guarantee and provide an average salary level of more than 10%. Each of our processing operations has a corresponding team leader, providing complete training for new employees to ensure the high quality of production. At Kozh, we provide our employees with the best possible treatment to ensure low employee turnover, as well as product quality stability and product line efficiency.

For the future:
We will follow China's industrial restructuring, retain the team in Shenzhen, and start moving our factory to a country that needs more factories. We hope to ensure the competitiveness of our products based on this. And we will develop more 3C product lines to meet the needs of the market.

Kozh is a professional electronics manufacturer and hopes that our continuous self-growth will bring a broader market to our partners.